Storm Pal Corporation

Storm Pal is a Canadian company that has developed and patented the Storm Pal Interceptor (SPI), which is designed to remove sediments, waste materials, and oil products from storm water effluent.  

SPI Design

The unique two chamber treatment system enables effective treatment of storm water effluent to levels compliant with regulatory discharge requirements without bypass.

Quality Assurance Testing

Independent in-situ quality assurance testing has demonstrated that the SPI effectively removes over 80% of total suspended solids and other deleterious substances from storm sewer effluent.

Maintenance Services

Storm Pal provides maintenance of installed units including water quality testing and clean-out services. 

Expanding Product Distribution Through Authorized Suppliers

Storm Pal is currently operating out of Thunder Bay and Ottawa and is expanding its operation to other Provinces across Canada.  

Our firm has been building relationships with concrete manufactures and pipe suppliers to provide SPIs nationally.  We are proud to have Babcock Supply Ltd. as a new authorized dealer for Storm Pal products within southwestern Ontario.