Storm Pal Interceptor (SPI) Design

SPI Design Aspects

The SPI is a two chamber treatment system that is designed to capture deleterious substances present in storm sewer effluent including waste materials, total suspended solids (TSS), and petroleum products. 

Larger Size Waste Materials

Within Chamber #1 of the SPI, larger waste materials are captured on a steel grate which is situated immediately below the invert of the inlet pipe.

Floating Materials and Petroleum Products (Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids) 

Smaller floating waste materials and petroleum products are captured in Chamber #1 between the steel grate and the outlet to the tertiary treatment Chamber #2. 

Sediments, Suspended Solids and other Heavier Waste Materials

Remaining waste materials, sediments, and a larger Suspended Solids settle to the bottom of Chamber #1.  

Tertiary Suspended Solid Treatment

Final treatment occurs in Chamber #2 substantially reducing Total Suspended Solids (TSS) prior to discharge to City sewer systems or outfalls. 

Validating SPI Efficacy

Independent Quality Assurance testing and laboratory analyses have been conducted to validate the efficacy of the SPI. 

Storm Pal Interceptor (SPI) Model Demonstration

Scaled model of SPI loaded with effluent waste collected from catchment areas within an existing vehicle maintenance bay.  

The model demonstrates how the SPI effectively captures waste, oil and grit from effluent discharge under extreme loading conditions.

Advantages of SPI

Treatment without Bypass

SPI units provide treatment of storm water effluent without bypass independent of the storm intensity.  

Versatile Design

Standard SPI designs exist for inlet pipe systems ranging from 150 mm (6") to            900 mm (36").  Non-standard designs can be developed for larger inlet pipes or unique drainage requirements.

Construction Materials Readily Available

Concrete manholes and piping supplies are readily available within the market.  Allows prompt design and installation.

Easy Assembly

Contractors can easily construct units based on shop drawings provided by Storm Pal Corp. 

Ease of Maintenance

No disassembly of parts is required to clean-out systems. Work can be conducted by standard pumper trucks.

Multiple Inlet/Restricted Space

SPI designs can be readily modified to accommodate installations involving multiple inlet storm sewer pipes or sites with restricted space during construction.